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Information on contracts, public works and agreements

Information on contracts, public works and agreements

a) Of a general nature:

  1. Information on programmed contracts, contracts awarded, cancelled tenders, including detailed reasons and any other information considered necessary or appropriate for the proper management of contracting.
  2. Information on tenders in progress, with access to all of the contract execution conditions and, where appropriate, the remaining complementary documentation.
  3. Composition and convening of the contracting committees, with the positions held, and the complete anonymised minutes of the awarding of contracts that they sign.
  4. Information on frequently asked questions and clarifications regarding the content of the contracts.

b) Contracts concluded:

  1. Purpose, duration, tender and award amount, procedure used, reasons justifying the procedure followed, publication instruments, number of tenderers participating in the procedure, identity of successful tenderers, financial bids and, where applicable, percentage drop in their bids and relationship with the other tenderers and results of the evaluations.
  2. Statistical data on the percentage in budgetary volume of contracts awarded through each of the procedures provided for in public sector contract legislation.
  3. Information on minor contracts formalised, on a quarterly basis, indicating the object, duration, amount of the tender and award, advertising instruments, number of bidders participating in the procedure and the identity of the successful bidder, as well as modifications to the contract. Also, decisions on withdrawal and cancellation of contracts. Overall amount of the contracts and the percentage that they represent in relation to the total number of contracts formalised.
  4. Modifications to the contracts formalised, as well as extensions and variations to the duration or execution period.
  5. Penalties imposed, where applicable, for non-performance by contractors.
  6. List of terminated contracts. Specifically, decisions to withdraw from or cancel contracts will be made public.

c) Concession of public services

  • The public service that is the object of the administrative concession.
  • The identification of the concessionaire.
  • The term of the concession, financing system and service provision conditions.
  • The administrative clauses and technical specifications governing the concession.
  • The minimum quality standards of the public service governing the concession.
  • Position of the person responsible for the contract.
  • E-mail addresses to which claims of patrimonial responsibility and complaints can be sent.
  • Number, category and qualifications of the personnel assigned.
  • Service evaluations carried out by the responsible entities.
  • Final sanctions.
  • Agreements to modify the concession contract.

The publication of the information in point b) above, subject to justification in the file, shall not be made for contracts declared secret or reserved, the execution of which must be accompanied by special security measures in accordance with the legislation in force.


  • Signatory parties.
  • Purpose, with an indication of the actions or activities committed to and the bodies or units responsible for carrying them out.
  • Financial obligations, indicating the amounts corresponding to each of the signatory parties.
  • Term and conditions of validity.
  • Object and date of the different modifications made during its validity.
  • Official Gazette in which it was published and the Register in which it is registered.

The agreements entered into by the bodies of the City Council and its related or dependent bodies and entities with other public administrations and other subjects, public or private, as well as their modifications, extensions and annexes or addenda, must be published in the "Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid" within the following twenty days.

In addition, all agreements entered into shall be registered in the registers of agreements, which shall include a copy of the agreement. Amendments, extensions and annexes or addenda to the agreements shall also be registered. Access to the registers of agreements shall be public, and access to them shall be guaranteed and facilitated so that they may be consulted free of charge, both in person and electronically.

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