Department of Social Services and Public Health
Department of Social Services and Public Health

Copia de Department of Social Services and Public Health


From this Department, programs are developed whose objective is the promotion of the well-being of people, the prevention of risk situations and the compensation of social support deficits, focusing its interest on the factors of vulnerability or dependency that, due to natural or unexpected causes, They can occur at each stage of life and translate into personal problems. The Department integrates the municipal areas of Social Services and Public Health composed, in turn, by different departments and specific services.

Social services

This area is responsible for performing the functions established in Law 12/2022, of December 21, on Social Services of the Community of Madrid:

  • Development of Primary Social Care through centers and municipal professional teams
  • Collaboration in Specialized Social Care through the development of social programs aimed at specific groups (people with disabilities, immigrants, minors at social risk, neighborhood mediation and volunteering)

In Alcorcón there are two Social Services centers to give the closest possible attention to citizens:

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Social services


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