Active Advertising
Active Advertising

Active Advertising

Economic-financial and asset information

Economic-financial and asset information

  1. Approved non-financial expenditure ceiling for the year (Tab level 3).

  2. The draft budget and budgets, with a description of the annual budget items and details of their implementation (Tab level 3).

  3. The annual accounts to be rendered (Tab level 3).

  4. the quarterly execution of budgets, with data at the same level of detail as in the budgets themselves (tab level 3)

  5. Extraordinary credits, supplements and modifications of credits, related to the budgets and their justification (Tab level 3).

  6. The budgets of the autonomous bodies and trading companies (or reference to their website, where they are contained) (Tab level 3).

  7. Annual accounts (Tab level 3).

  8. The audit and audit reports issued by the Chamber of Accounts on the budgets (Tab level 3).

  9. Reports on the degree of compliance with the stability and financial sustainability objectives (Tab level 3).

  10. The approved economic-financial plans for compliance with the budget stability, public debt (if applicable) and expenditure rule targets (Tab level 3).

  11. Rebalancing plans approved for structural deficits (Tab level 3).

  12. The adjustment plans approved for liquidity support measures (Tab level 3).

  13. The monitoring reports of the three previous letters (Tab level 3).

  14. The reasons for deviation in all those actual items compared to the budget that exceed 10 % of the planned amount (Tab level 3).

Informes de Auditoria y Fiscalización Cámara de Cuentas

  1. Basic information on the financing of the Administration: own taxes, assigned taxes (Tab level 3).

  2. Personnel expenses and their percentage of total expenditure. Expenditure derived from management and temporary staff, as well as that derived from trade union members, expressing in all cases their percentage of staff expenditure and of total expenditure (Tab level 3).

  3. Expenditure incurred on the rental of real estate (Tab level 3).

  4. Expenditure incurred on advertising or institutional communication campaigns, the contracts concluded, as well as the corresponding media plans in the case of advertising campaigns, including the breakdown of expenditure by campaign and associated budget by media and the criteria for this distribution (Tab level 3).

  5. Expenditure incurred on sponsorship (Tab level 3).

  6. Total expenditure on grants or subsidies for economic activities (Tab level 3).

  7. Expenditure on the different policy areas and its percentage of total expenditure (Tab level 3).

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Información del patrimonio