Why invest in Alcorcón?


Why invest in Alcorcón?

Alcorcón is a municipality with a population of 170,000 inhabitants. Its strategic location, ten minutes from Madrid, makes it a meeting point between three large nuclei: the metropolitan south, the west and the capital. It stands out for its modernity and for having three universities, a prestigious hospital and several health centers. business.

The municipality also has an extensive communications and transport network. By road it is connected by the M50, M40, A5 and R5, and has metro stations south and Renfe, as well as numerous bus lines.

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Currently there are two large differentiated areas where you can establish businesses in the municipality, depending on the activity you want to carry out:

  1. The small business is located in the central axis of the urban area, based above all on traditional, trustworthy commerce and with a close and warm treatment to the consumer.
  2. The industry is one of the strong points of the municipality since it integrates 3 industrial estates that make Alcorcón one of the most competitive cities in the entire Community of Madrid due to its strength, innovation and quality.

Alcorcón is one of the municipalities with the highest growth projection in the region. Its permanent growth greatly influences the development of shops and services to meet all the needs that the population increase entails. Likewise, it experiences, day by day, important qualitative improvements in terms of safety and mobility, and municipal infrastructures continue to be expanded, so that said growth is sustainable and adequate in all aspects.

The municipal government of Alcorcón presents an example of values that promote and help the economic and commercial development of the city, such as austerity, efficiency, legal certainty, rigor in management, transparency and institutional stability. Also noteworthy is the budgetary balance in municipal accounts, which have gone from deficit to surplus for two years. These factors, together with a policy of tax incentives for the installation of companies in the municipality and the elimination of bureaucratic barriers, have made Alcorcón a generator of confidence, in short, the best option to invest.

Alcorcón, your best investment!


At the end of October, the plenary session of the Alcorcón City Council approved the 2014 tax and public price ordinances, characterized by a significant reduction and freezing of taxes, mainly aimed at generating employment. In this way, the City Council leads the fiscal policies for the creation of jobs, establishing bonuses in those taxes that may have the greatest incidence in reducing unemployment.

Alcorcón Leads tax policies to promote employment.

Within the tax ordinances approved by the Plenary of the Alcorcón City Council, a series of tax rebates have been established for those taxes that promote job creation. In the Economic Activities Tax (IAE) , the Consistory maintains a 50 percent bonus for the first two years. In addition, those companies that invoice less than one million euros, and individuals in any case, are exempt from paying this tax.

In the Tax on Construction, Installations and Works (ICIO) the City Council establishes a bonus of up to 95 percent to all companies , depending on the jobs created:

– Creation of 1 to 5 jobs: 55%

– Creation of 6 to 10 jobs: 60%

– Creation of 11 to 100 jobs: 65%

– Creation of 101 to 500 jobs: 75%

– Creation of 501 to 1,000 jobs: 85%

– More than 1,000 jobs: 95%

The courses and activities that promote employability will continue to be free .

As for the Terraces-Veladores , the City Council has decided to lower the fee by 15 percent , thus favoring the city's hospitality sector and, therefore, also the creation of jobs.

1º- Strategic location (junction point between three large nuclei: the metropolitan South, the West and the capital). 10 minutes from the center of Madrid.

2nd - Communications and transport networks that enhance competitiveness (Metro, Cercanías, highways A-5, M-40, M-50, A-6...).

3º -Industrial estates and commercial and business fabric: strength, innovation, quality.

4th -Tax incentives for setting up companies (Up to 95% bonus in ICIO according to employment created, in addition to facilities in IBI and IAE).

5º -Institutional stability at the service of an efficient municipal management that generates Trust: payment of old debts to suppliers of 210 million euros, transition from deficit to surplus, reduction of bureaucracy and administrative streamlining, policy of freezing and reduction of taxes and fees .