The identifier is the combination of the Logo and the text in a visual unit. Both elements constitute a duly harmonized whole, without being merged.

As in the case of the Logo, the identifier will be monochrome using Pantone 187 C as the institutional brand color, both positive and negative.

The use of the Pantone Process Black C color identifier is allowed, both positive and negative. The priority of use will be the correct visibility of the identifier, the legibility of the text and the maximum contrast with respect to the background.

As a general rule, the shield will be used "positive" with white or gray backgrounds up to 50%, and "negative" with backgrounds from 60% to black.

Identificador Concejalia Alcaldia Izquierda     Identificador Concejalia Alcaldia CentroIdentificador Concejalia Alcaldia Derecha


The Mayor

General Directorate of Mayor's Office


Civil Marriages

Legal Advice

Municipal Economic-Administrative Claims Board