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Activity aimed at users aged between 16 and 64.

Toning is an activity aimed at increasing and maintaining strength, through choreographed routines, while also working on aerobic capacity.

at the same time it also works on aerobic capacity.

The activity takes place at the Los Cantos Sport Center at the following times:

Tuesday - Thursday 10.30h - 11.25h Price: 20 euros registration fee and 55 euros/term.

Discounts for large families and unemployed people.

For information and registration for the activity, please call 911 12 73 60 from Monday to Friday (except holidays)

from 08.30am to 2.00pm or in person at the Information and Registration Office located at C/Los Cantos nº 28

from Monday to Friday from 08.30am to 2.00pm and by e-mail to